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Artists meet AI - Discover the Future of Music Creation at SOUNDRAW CAMP NYC

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May 28, 2024

Calling all musicians, producers, songwriters, and music enthusiasts! Get ready for an unforgettable experience at the SOUNDRAW Camp on June 14th. Join us for a hands-on, immersive event where you can explore the groundbreaking capabilities of SOUNDRAW's music creation technology.

What to Expect and a SOUNDRAW event

We have had other SOUNDRAW events before, but this one is even better, as we have several interactive demo stations to try your hands on beat generation. Nonetheless, feel free to check out what other attendees had to say about their experience at the last SOUNDRAW Camp NYC on our Instagram.

In summary, what you will experience on June 14th:

  • Interactive Demo Stations: Dive into the world of Soundraw at our multiple computer stations, each equipped with high-speed internet, headphones, and MIDI controllers. Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting out, you'll have the chance to create your own beats and tracks using SOUNDRAW’s innovative tools.
  • Guided Tours and Tutorials: Our knowledgeable staff will provide guided tours and tutorials, walking you through the features and functionalities of SOUNDRAW. Learn how to maximize your creativity with personalized assistance and support.
  • Special Appearances: We're thrilled to have DJs and NYC artists join us for the event! 
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow musicians, producers, and creatives. Share ideas, collaborate on projects, and build lasting relationships within the music community. Refreshments will be provided to keep the energy high throughout the evening.
  • Exciting Giveaways: Attendees will have the chance to win exclusive SOUNDRAW swag, including stickers, t-shirts, and more. 

SOUNDRAW CAMP NYC - Event Highlights

networking at the SOUNDRAW camp in NYC
  • Hands-On Experience:

Get a firsthand look at how SOUNDRAW can transform your music creation process. Experiment with different features, create unique sounds, and see your musical ideas come to life.

  • Collaborative Environment:

This event isn’t just about showcasing technology; it’s about fostering creativity and collaboration. Work alongside other talented individuals, exchange tips and tricks, and get inspired by the collective energy of the group. Our ethical AI is created with the help of in-house musicians and does not feed on copyrighted material - we respect artists, and aim to be a tool to aid you and other artists in the future of music production!

  • Feedback and Showcase:

Your feedback is invaluable to us. Share your thoughts on the software, and showcase your creations with the group. We’re eager to hear how SOUNDRAW enhances your music-making experience and how we can continue to improve.

  • Exclusive Content:

Enjoy a curated selection of music videos, including Fivio’s “Doing Me” and French Montana’s “Ride the Wave,” playing throughout the venue. Get inspired by these artists’ journeys and the music they create.

Why You Should Attend

artists creating beats with SOUNDRAW
  1. Innovate Your Music Creation:

SOUNDRAW is at the forefront of music technology, offering tools that enable you to push the boundaries of your creativity. This event is your opportunity to explore these tools in a supportive and engaging environment. You can learn more about the tool in our Introduction to SOUNDRAW.

  1. Connect with Industry Professionals:

Whether you’re looking to network with other creatives or gain insights from industry experts, SOUNDRAW Camp is the place to be. Make connections that could propel your career to the next level.

  1. Exclusive Offers:

Take advantage of special discounts and subscription offers available only to event attendees. Elevate your music production with SOUNDRAW’s cutting-edge technology at a fraction of the cost.

How to Join

RSVP Today: Spaces are limited, so be sure to secure your spot by RSVPing on our SOUNDRAW CAMP event page. We will confirm your SOUNDRAW subscription status and send you a personalised invite in the days leading up to the event. You can only join this event as a subscriber to any of our plans - sign up to SOUNDRAW now so you don’t miss out!

Follow us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) for the latest updates and sneak peeks leading up to the event. Join the conversation and share your excitement using the hashtag #SOUNDRAWcampNYC

Don’t miss out, this is more than just an event; it’s a glimpse into the future of music creation. Whether you’re looking to learn, network, or simply have a great time, the SOUNDRAW Camp promises to deliver an unforgettable experience.

We can’t wait to see you there and hear the incredible music you’ll create with SOUNDRAW!

Date: June 14th

Time: 6 PM - Midnight

Location: 50 Bowery Street, NYC

Join us and be a part of the music revolution with SOUNDRAW!