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SOUNDRAW Revealed: How Our AI Creates Music

Published on
May 20, 2024

At SOUNDRAW, we’re often asked about how our AI generates music and what goes into making those beats that you love. Some users think SOUNDRAW works by feeding text prompts into our chatbot, while others believe you can upload your own music for the AI to mimic. Let’s clear up the confusion and dive into how SOUNDRAW truly operates.


SOUNDRAW’s music generation is driven by a unique AI system that doesn’t rely on text prompts or mimicking existing songs. Instead, our AI creates music based on the parameters you set when navigating the “Create Music” tab. It’s all about the tags—Mood, Genre, Instruments, and more. Here’s a closer look at the process:

Tag Selection

When you start creating music, you select various tags that define the mood, genre, and instruments of your desired track. These tags guide the AI in generating a list of potential songs. The tags are crucial because they allow you to tailor the music to fit the exact vibe and style you're aiming for. Whether you're looking for a relaxing chill-out track or an energetic dance anthem, the tags help narrow down the possibilities and ensure the AI produces something that matches your vision.

Song List Generation

Our AI then uses these tags to create a list of songs, each crafted from original samples and sounds provided by our in-house team of music producers. This ensures that every track is unique and high-quality. The AI analyzes the chosen tags and composes tracks that align with the specified parameters, blending different musical elements to create a cohesive and engaging piece of music. This process leverages the extensive library of sounds and samples created by our team, ensuring that the music generated is both fresh and original.

Customization in the Editor

Once you choose a song from the list, you can further customize it in our editor. The editor allows you to tweak various aspects of the track, such as the tempo, key, and instrumentation. If the initial list doesn’t meet your needs, you can change the tags and regenerate the list, or use our Pro Mode for even more detailed customization options. Pro Mode offers advanced features like adjusting individual instrument tracks, adding effects, and fine-tuning the mix, giving you complete control over your music. This level of customization ensures that you can shape the music to perfectly fit your project’s requirements.

Continuous Improvement

Our AI is constantly learning and improving. We regularly update our database with new samples and sounds, and our team of music producers refines the algorithms to ensure the AI stays current with musical trends and innovations. This ongoing development means the music you create with SOUNDRAW will always sound fresh and relevant. By continuously incorporating feedback and new musical elements, we ensure that our AI adapts to the evolving landscape of the music industry, providing you with cutting-edge tools to create high-quality music.

Original and Ethical Music Production

Ethical AI

At SOUNDRAW, we take pride in producing music that is both original and ethical. Here’s how we ensure our music generation process stands out:

In-House Production 

All the samples and sounds used by our AI are created by our internal team of talented music producers. These producers meticulously craft each sound to ensure high quality and originality. By generating our own samples, we avoid the pitfalls of using pre-existing music, which can lead to copyright issues and unoriginal content.

Ethical Practices

We are committed to ethical music production. Unlike some other platforms that might use copyrighted material or content created by other artists without permission, SOUNDRAW only uses music that is entirely produced in-house. This ensures that every track generated by our AI is free from copyright infringement, providing peace of mind for our users.

Unique and Authentic Content

By using original samples, we ensure that the music generated by SOUNDRAW is unique and authentic. Each track is a new creation, not a rehash of existing songs. This approach supports creativity and innovation, allowing you to produce music that truly stands out.

Legal and Safe

Using in-house produced samples means that all music created with SOUNDRAW is legally safe to use commercially. You don’t have to worry about copyright strikes or legal repercussions. Our licensing model is straightforward and ensures that you have full rights to use the music you create, whether it’s for personal projects, commercial use, or anything in between.

Copyright strikes can be a major issue for content creators. By using SOUNDRAW, you eliminate the risk of receiving copyright claims or strikes because all the music is produced in-house and is free from third-party copyrights. This ensures that your projects remain uninterrupted and legally compliant.

Knowing that your music is legally safe and ethically produced gives you peace of mind. You can confidently share and distribute your work, knowing that you are fully protected and compliant with copyright laws.

Chatbot Integration for Easy Access

Although we don’t yet offer a feature where you can generate music directly from text prompts (stay tuned!), we’ve integrated our AI with a chatbot for easier access to music creation. When you click the chat icon at the bottom right corner of your screen, SOUNDRAW’s bot, Neo, is ready to assist. Simply type phrases like “generate music” or “create a song,” and Neo will guide you to the song lists you can generate with SOUNDRAW.

Try it Yourself

We hope this clarifies how SOUNDRAW’s AI works and what makes our music generation process unique. Give our tool a try and experience the creativity and flexibility SOUNDRAW offers. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for new ways to enhance your music, SOUNDRAW is here to help you create amazing tracks.