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SOUNDRAW Weekend Recap: A Melody of Innovation and Talent

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July 4, 2024

The SOUNDRAW Weekend NYC from June 14-16  was an electrifying blend of music, technology, and community, leaving everyone buzzing with excitement and anticipation for what's next. Here's a look back at the unforgettable moments that made this event a monumental success.

Thursday, June 13: A Grand Kickoff in Times Square

soundraw billboard on timesquare NYC

Our journey began with a spectacular billboard in Times Square, lighting up one of the world's most iconic locations. This marked the official countdown to a weekend dedicated to music innovation and creativity.

Friday, June 14: SOUNDRAW Camp / Tech Demo Day at OS NYC

soundraw team ad OS bowery NYC, with Scram Jones and Mr Peter Parker

Friday was a day of discovery and connection at the SOUNDRAW Camp. Attendees were treated to DJ sets by the likes of Scram Jones, Mr Peter Parker, Ms Bluntler - and live performances by some of our standout users: Nyla Nune, JWoo, and J-Hen, to name only a few. A freestyle battle between our users determined who could join and perform on stage before Cardi B the next day. If you want to perform at the next SOUNDRAW event, regardless your genre, please feel free to reach out to us via our Social Media or customer service anytime.

SOUNDRAW work station at OS NYC

It was truly inspiring to see over 100 talented producers, filmmakers, and musicians try out the platform, showcasing how SOUNDRAW is democratizing music production. Seeing the first steps and the amazed looks whenever they created a ton of new beats really reminds us of why we started SOUNDRAW in the first place - becoming the best music creation software in the world.

The day was a perfect blend of learning and entertainment, bringing together a community of music lovers eager to explore new possibilities. Not only could we meet a lot of our users, but we also witnessed a lot of new connections being made.

Saturday, June 15: Freestyle Battle at Cardi B's Party in Coney Island

Saturday's highlight was undoubtedly the freestyle battle featuring JWoo and J-Hen at Cardi B's party in Coney Island. As one of the sponsors, SOUNDRAW was proud to share a stage with massive DJs and artists. The atmosphere was electric as the crowd went wild over the beats created with SOUNDRAW. 

The excitement didn't stop there; subscribers got to enjoy Cardi B's performance from the exclusive SOUNDRAW VIP Area, making the night even more memorable.

Sunday, June 16: Studio Session with Raw Talent in LES 

music production during the SOUNDRAW weekend

The weekend culminated in a studio session with raw Talent on Sunday. It was a day of collaboration and creativity as rappers, singers, and producers, including JWOO, Nyla Nune, Bangout and more came together to work on the next big hits. 

The studio buzzed with energy, and even a few surprise guests joined, adding to the thrill. We can't wait to share the finished song with you soon.

Conclusion - SOUNDRAW took over NYC in June

The SOUNDRAW Weekend was a celebration of music, technology, and community. We're thrilled to be part of the music world and are committed to supporting both established and upcoming artists in their journey. Together, let's fill the world with more amazing music. Don’t miss out - if you want to be a part of our community, subscribe to SOUNDRAW now and start creating customisable beats and music!